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"In 2023 I travelled to East Greenland for the first time with Poseidon Expeditions and their ship the "Sea Spirit". The service, the possibilities and the friendliness of the staff and expedition team have since inspired me to go on several tours. The "Sea Spirit" sails so quietly that as a photographer I can take pictures from the deck with a tripod and long focal lengths, hardly any vibrations. If there are several photographers on board, a small "extra" programme can be organised.
For me, two trips to the Antarctic were an immersion in one of the last great paradises on our planet. Unforgettable! I look forward to being on board again and again in the future.
These trips can be booked via the office in Hamburg."

I will be on two trips to the British Isles and the bird cliffs, answering photographic questions.

Expedition cruise with the SEA SPIRIT from Poseidon Expeditions Hamburg: From 8 - 21 August 2024 .

Experience the west coast of Spitsbergen in search of wild animals, past a mighty mountain backdrop. The journey goes up to almost 80 degrees north. Then the ship turns to the south-west to immerse itself in the mountain and fjord world of East Greenland. Breathtaking, wildly jagged mountains with glaciers and icebergs, interspersed with a jewel from geological eras long past, interspersed with layers of coloured stone. You have to see it! I can't put much into words. You need the wind, the air, the peace and quiet and the weather to be able to capture all these impressions. The last destination we visit is Scoresbysund and the village of Ittoqqortoormiit.

The "Sea Spirit" is also an ideal ship for photographers. It sails very quietly with hardly any noticeable vibrations, 360 degree gangway on the ship, i.e. a very good all-round view.

For more information and prices please send an e-mail to Norbert Rosing